Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time Together

Phillip and I were able to spend a couple days alone since Mimi and Papa were here to take care of the kids overnight. Phillip started the day by taking care of the kids and giving me a bubble bath and breakfast upstairs (read "alone"; "without kids"). :-) There were several gifts along the way. We dressed up for a fancy lunch at The Secret Garden restaurant, spent some time on a stretch of mostly deserted beach, and walked down the streets of Old St. Augustine. The only picture I got was of us at Sonic. Sad. By this time I was feeling pretty sick. We went to see Thor at the theater. That was kind of fun. That night and the next day we just were worn out. Too much sun at the beach. A virus or something from Harrison. Uuuuggghhhh! It was fun to spend time together alone though. And the virus was short-lived, thankfully; it only lasted a day and a half. Phillip planned the whole trip, sha baby. He's so good. My contribution was bike riding, but we couldn't do it because of how we felt. Phillip wasn't too upset by that. I'll get him on a bike yet! Fun times, babe.

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