Monday, May 9, 2011

No Pictures

Would someone be my personal photographer? Or at least remind me to take a camera with me?

We've been to a fire station, the zoo, an Easter party, and Kingsley plantation. And I've forgotten the camera every time! So please imagine Jonathan in a big ole fire hat holding an axe. Phoebe laughing with the monkeys. Elizabeth trying to hide from the camera or run from bees or perhaps hold Harrison.

And I will see what I can do about the mom of the house and her forgetfulness.


elizabeth said...

I can be your personel photograther!!!

phillipsgirl said...

You've got it, girl!

Tonya said...

:O) I can imagine if you don't forget to take along one of your four children to these events that you are doing good. I do love looking at your pictures though so I hope Elizabeth does start being your perosnal photographer:O)