Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jonathan's Cotter Tens Fractal

It's now his turn to make the Cotter Tens Fractal for Right Start Math! He is doing so well with mathematics. He's in the first grade book already and we're making good time with it. He loves to talk about numbers. They just click with him.

By the way, you may notice a difference in this Fractal as opposed to Liz':

Elizabeth's Cotter Tens

For hers we colored the little triangles, cut out all the little ones and big ones, and glued the little green triangles to the big white ones. And then taped them to the wall. Dad had an AWESOME time-saving idea which he implemented for us this time around. In Pages he made the triangles with the ten smaller green ones inside, placed four on a page, and sent them to UPS to be printed. So we only had to cut out 100 bigger triangles and tape them to the wall. Jonathan enjoyed the taping part. And we shall keep them safe for Phoebe when her time comes.

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