Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zoo I

The Jacksonville Zoo has a new Komodo Dragon exhibit, so we took our afternoon yesterday to go spend some time in the sunshine and animals. A neighbor friend who also homeschools and whom Elizabeth plays with every day if she can, also came with us.
She told him while we were walking along, "I'm glad you're my friend."
"Why? Because you want a BOYFRIEND?"
"No-o! I'm not old enough to have a boyfriend!"
"Because I have money?" (he had money with him from his mom so he could buy a souvenir.)
"No! I'm just glad you're my friend!"
Phillip think she likes him, but I think they truly are just friends. They'll spend hours swinging and talking. I think it's sweet.

Phoebe is very possessive of this stroller. We don't use it anymore except when we go to the zoo and that's mostly so I'll have something to carry my purse and bag of stuff. But she decided to ride in it for most of the day. Anytime Jonathan tried to sit in it, she would yell at him, "No, Jonafun! That's MY stroller! That's for Bebe Ruf! (Phoebe Ruth, if you're wondering.) You git out!" and she would hit at him without actually touching him since she knew I was watching. Kind of cute, but also shows her temper and shows that we have work to do in training her to control herself.

I don't know if you can get past the glare of the window, but one of the komodo dragons is here in the picture. He came up to the window and flicked his tongue at the kids. They screamed in fake fear.

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Blessed Mommy said...

Can not wait to see the new area. We have watched the construction each month. We are planning a trip to the Zoo next week. My oldest did the homeschooling classes at the Zoo the past two years and have loved them. They are offered once a month August through February, info just in case you didn't already know that. My oldest has a best girl friend too and she lives right behind us. They play all the time. Our neighborhood id full of boys, but my oldest and our little girl neighbor play the most together. Many blessings.