Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tablecloths for church

Phillip needed two tablecloths for two odd shaped tables at church (small, but tall). So he and I made them. I can't believe how much material costs! It was over $100 for the material (well, I did make one mistake that took another trip to Joann Fabrics for another yard). But we got two of them done. The first one (pictured) is much nicer than the second, in my opinion, but they both look nice standing in the hall next to the Growth Group rooms at church.

While I was sewing Elizabeth would ask "Can I have some material to make something?"

Jonathan would ask, "How does the needle move? Why do you have to do that? What does this knob do?"

Phoebe would grab my measuring tape and run around the house pretending it was a fishing pole or belt.

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