Saturday, March 21, 2009

Horse Riding Lessons

Elizabeth has been taking Horse riding lessons this month. She's gotten interested in horses from different books she's read (Laura Ingalls series and now the American Girl series).

The lady who is teaching her does half an hour of "groundwork". Brushing the horse and learning how to control it from the ground. I'm not exactly sure what all it is, but I'm glad she's learning about horses and not just how to ride them.

She's trotting. The teacher is holding a rope attached to the horse, so Elizabeth's not on her own yet, but she's getting a feel for what the horse can do.

This was the first day we met the horses and the teacher. Elizabeth was tentative at first, but I think she touched the horse once.

One of the places she had lessons was a farm. There are 5 dogs hanging around. They mostly just lay in the dirt and sleep, but Jonathan and Phoebe are deathly afraid of them. I don't think Phoebe would be so afraid if Jonathan didn't scream so loudly at the sight of them. If one of them starts coming towards us, they'll both scream and cry and try to crawl up my legs. It would be humorous if it wasn't so embarrassing. Elizabeth used to be scared of our neighbor dogs and cats too and now she's riding horses, so I'm hoping these two will get over it also.

Because of the dogs, these two end up in the car.

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Holly said...

How fun! It looks so pretty there. And Landon loves to talk about horse's and doggies but would probably be terrified if he really got close to a horse :D