Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Funny Stories

Elizabeth was at tumbling yesterday, and I and the other two yea-hoos were here at home. I was reading emails and kept hearing a plastic bag crinkling. I figured Phoebe was getting into a ziplock bag of toys, so didn't check it out. Well, once I finished reading and looked up from the computer, I saw that Phoebe had laid out half a loaf of sliced bread on the couch and piled up on her high chair tray. Each piece had a nibble or hole poked through. I was a little irritated, so I didn't take a picture, but it was pretty funny once it was cleaned up!

Jonathan has been calling us "Darlin". He'll say "Come on, darlin!" Except he says "Darwin".

Elizabeth is trying to make money today by styling hair for 50 cents. She has a chair set up in the alcove in front of our house with a 50 cent sign on it. She has her hairstyle box sitting on Phoebe's stroller, and anytime a car passes she yells, "Who wants their hair done for 50 cents?!" Of course, it's raining out there, and no one can hear her or looks her way. Mom was her first (and I'm sure her only) customer. How can you resist such innovation?

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