Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another Money Making Venture

Elizabeth, as you know, always has ideas of how to make money. This particular day she spent at least 3 hours making construction paper "Barbie dolls" and sets.

(Jonathan being funny.)

She made a pony set, a makeup set and several "Barbie" dolls. We went to the park that afternoon and she set up her barbie shop on a park bench. She would let everyone know that she was selling Barbie dolls for $100. She had several girls hanging around seemingly interested. One of them ran off to tell others about the great sale. One older sister did give her money, but didn't want any barbies. Phillip and I decided she needed to give it back to help her learn that we don't just take money for nothing (well, we take it when it's a gift, I guess). We left the park with a downhearted girl who had spent all her time trying to sell barbie dolls and didn't take the time to play.

There were several lessons she learned from this: She made a choice of what to do with her time and had to decide if her choice was the best. She learned a lesson in how she prices her stuff (she said in the car, "Maybe I shouldn't have asked for $100."). She learned a lesson in when to take money (only when given as a gift or for a service or product; not just because she's little and cute ~ then she would learn to beg and get by on her looks and cuteness). She cried a little that day, but once the day was over, she was just fine. She found an archaeology toy at Wal-Mart for 88 cents and she did chores at home to earn the money to buy it and it's all good now.

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Heidi said...

What great lessons to learn!

I remember doing quite well with my traveling lemonade stand (the wagon) until my mom asked me to reimburse her for the lemonade mix.