Thursday, March 23, 2017

Photography by Liz

by Liz

I just haven't been taking many pictures lately. Liz will be using these flowers to decorate a cake to use in an Instructional Project for her Baking and Pastry Arts course.

by Liz

Elizabeth has been trying her hand at knitted socks. She's working on my pair right now. ;-) 

by Me

Phoebe is working on this space ship for Harrison. She made his helmet and shoes as well. The spaceship is looking a little like A Beautiful Mind ~ she adds to it a little each day.

by Liz

We took a trip to an old bookstore in town. Cheever Books is the name. I've found some gems here; they're not necessarily bargains at all, but you can find some nice older books if you're into collecting older books.

Otherwise, we are mostly living normal life and doing school. We were sick for a couple of weeks back there (the poor kids missed their spring break because of sickness!). Elizabeth is just about finished with Driver's Ed. She'll have several months of driving with us parents and she'll have to turn 16 before she can get her license. 

Night is coming ~ bedtime routines ensue. 
Goodbye for now.

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