Saturday, March 4, 2017

Papa Has a Birthday

 Papa turned 80 a couple weeks ago, and we met up with him and Mimi in Alice, TX to celebrate. 

(Side query: does anyone else like the name Alice? That was my grandma Smith's first name, and I'm partial to it, but it could sound like a mature name instead of for a little girl....)
Harrison and Papa finding toys to play on at the park.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant. Elizabeth made a chocolate cherry cake, Phoebe got him chocolate covered peanuts and Harrison drew him a combine.

And this little guy was from the kids' first crawfish boil! Right here in our neighborhood lives a family whose dad is from Louisiana. They invited us to share their crawfish and sent some home with us (that was my lunch the next day). I think most of the kids tried it, but I don't know that they are as fond of écrevisse as I am. All the kids in the neighborhood, however, had a great time playing with the live ones before they were boiled. If you ever want to entertain a group of kids for a couple of hours.....

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