Friday, July 29, 2016

The Last Couple Weeks

Liz went to work camp with the church on this week. This was her first time. They get together with other churches and paint houses in town. They're gone all day but get to sleep at home at night.

We visited the Japanese Tea Gardens a few months ago and Phoebe's continual words since then were, "I want to go back early in the morning when no one else is around. I want to go by myself." So we dropped Elizabeth off at work camp one day and went to the Gardens alone. There were only a few workers there feeding fish and working in the shrubbery. She chased cats and we walked all around and I sat back and watched her wander off a bit. I think she enjoyed her time alone.

Swimming at Lady Bird Johnson pool. 

And we were blessed by a neighbor who had season passes to Six Flags and invited us on Invite a Friend For Free Day to go with them. This was all of our first time at Six Flags. Liz was at CIY during this week, so she didn't get to go with us.

We rode one roller coaster which scared the kids off anything else that sniffed of scariness. I didn't particularly enjoy it either. It didn't go upside down or anything, but it was really fast and went sidewise and I lost my sunglasses. 

Mrs. Adeba took Harrison on this little ferris wheel while we rode the roller coaster.

Waiting for VBS to begin. 
Harrison was so excited this year! He has had some trouble in the past with being away from parents or siblings. There was a time when he cried every Sunday morning in Sunday School. I think it became a habit for him. But this year he had no apprehensions and had a great time. 

We found this ox beetle in the playground. It looks like a June Bug but is much bigger. This is the female; the male has three horns. It was huge! 

We have one more week of summer and then we begin school! I've got a couple more things to figure out, but we are mostly ready. 

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