Friday, July 22, 2016

New Delightful Reading Levels

Delightful Reading is now three separate kits! The previous one is now Level 3. 

We started out writing one new kit for helping littles learn letters and sounds. But there was so much to it that we expanded it to two kits and then restyled the original Delightful Reading so that all three kits matched in look and feel. 

Level 1 is "Playing with Letters and Sounds." Level 2 is "Words I Can Build" which helps the child start blending sounds into words. And Level 3, as always, helps your child read sentences and stories. 

"A is for Art" was so much fun to work on! I looked through thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of classic art pictures to find just the right one for each letter of the alphabet. Each letter gets its own picture and there are several items in each picture that represent the sound of the letter.  It's great as an alphabet book on its own, and there are additional activities which use "A is for Art" in Level 1. You can purchase it separately or included in Level 1

I haven't had the completed kits for use with Harrison, but I've been using the ideas from the lesson plans. I have to thank a number of people who contributed ideas for these activities: my kids and husband, Alisa, Cheley, and Sonya and her team at Simply Charlotte Mason. 

We tried to keep activities simple so the parent doesn't have to do a lot of prep work each day, but we also wanted it to be like play for the child. Harrison is especially enjoying the "active" activities. I like the child's "Words I Can Build" booklet from Level 2. It's simple and is a great way for the child to look back and see what words he's learned how to build. 

So much fun to work on! I appreciate Sonya and Simply Charlotte Mason for allowing me to be on their team. They make everything pretty and make sure it makes sense and so much more. And my kids are learning how to read. 

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