Friday, August 5, 2016

Jonathan Turns 12

Jonathan is our very social one. He enjoys inviting lots of people to his birthday, so we had eleven boys in our home last Saturday to celebrate Jon turning 12. 

He wanted brownies for his "cake." 

The goal was for them all to join a Minecraft world (or something like that) and play together on Minecraft. That couldn't quite happen like they wanted, but they all joined different games and groups and were able to connect online as they all sat around the living room together.  

They did also play a little Nerf War outside, and I believe some of them caught some Pokemon's (or whatever you call them). 

A couple of neighborhood boys, a couple of friends from church, and the Travis boys (they win the prize for most siblings ~ it was quite fun to have all four boys here). 

A couple of boys that are friends Jonathan met at Tanglewood Christian Camp traveled somewhat far to be here. I thought that was very sweet of them to make that effort.

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