Sunday, April 3, 2016

Japanese Tea Garden

I've been wanting to go to the Japanese Tea Gardens downtown. It was built a long time ago in an old quarry and has some interesting history to it. We went Easter afternoon ~ just Jonathan, Phoebe, myself and Charlize, a neighbor friend. I didn't realize how crowded the area would be on Easter. I guess it's a thing here to camp out in the parks (the Tea Gardens are part of a large park downtown) to save a spot for all your friends and family on Easter. There were tents and music, barbecues, piƱatas, celebrating of all kinds...... and no parking. We drove around a little while and finally just sat there waiting for someone to leave. Which someone did after about 5 minutes, so no big deal. 

It was beautiful. 
Phoebe would love to go back early in the morning when there's no one else around and enjoy it alone. 
I love that girl.

We had some kids over a few weeks ago to play board games. Blurry pictures, sorry. 

Hiking up Lookout Mountain near our house. 

A neighbor boy had a birthday party in the backyard right next to ours. Phoebe got to ride a pony! She's so looking forward to horse back riding lessons. 

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