Saturday, April 30, 2016


Phoebe's birthday is April 13th. 

Her first birthday was on Friday the 13th; Her SS includes the digits 666; she was born on a Thursday ("Thursday's child has far to go"); I'm not saying anything particularly, I'm just sayin'.........

 Of all our children, she's the wildest and also extremely interesting ~ you never know what she'll say or do! When she was just a toddler I watched her drag both Elizabeth and Jonathan off the couch because she wanted to sit there. They both came crying to me ~ I was like, "You guys are bigger than she is ~ get her back!" Not really. But kind of! She's a firecracker and we love her.

Happy 10th, Baby Girl.

Charlize had her birthday a few days later and Phoebe got to join her friends for laser tag. 

And my birthday was also a few days later and the kids got me these plants and card. Liz made me lemon cake (so delicious!). 

We found a tame river to enjoy Liz' boat at. We met another homeschool family. How is that we can tell when another family homeschools? There's a certain look or something. Anyway, that was the first question we asked when came upon them on the river: "Do you homeschool?"

This girl has got to stop! Liz is perfecting her yeast breads. They are THE best! 
She's made Japanese milk bread and garlic breadsticks. 

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