Saturday, December 5, 2015

Elizabeth is 14

Fourteen red balloons for Elizabeth.

Phoebe made this formation out of math tiles to celebrate her sister. Jonathan bought some music to share with her on her birthday. Harrison..... I think he was just cute on her birthday. Oh, he shared his sandwich with her at Firehouse Subs.

She wanted a store-bought cake: Black Forest. We had a simple family gathering: ate at Firehouse Subs, had cake and gifts, played Scrabble, went for a crisp evening walk; and then she wanted to go with her dad to "In the Heart of the Sea" in Imax when it comes out next week. 

My dad made her these wooden spoons she can use to cook and bake with. They're gorgeous! She's using birthday money from Mimi and Papa to buy a record player and records as well.  

And since it's officially December, we're "allowed" by certain persons in the house to put up Christmas decor. 

This was a wedding gift from someone at Memphis, MO. It's a favorite Nativity set for the kids to set up. 

And I love this little scent warmer fireplace that my mom gave me a long time ago.

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