Sunday, November 8, 2015

Visitors and Boxey Pets

Mimi and Papa stopped to visit on their way down to the Valley. It's always a fun time with Mimi and Papa! 

Mimi pulled Elizabeth's hair back to make sure her granddaughter's face could be seen. :-) Thank you, Mimi! It's a beautiful face. And now she's probably embarrassed and won't let me post pics of her again for a couple years. I'll keep you posted as the drama unfolds.....

Several years ago, Elizabeth made these neat little paper toys that she called Boxey Pets. I cannot find a picture of the ones she made, though she made quite a few for people. But they were window boxes with little pets inside attached on three sides to paper strips that you could pull on to make the pet move. 

 Jonathan and Phoebe and Harrison decided to re-launch the line of Boxey Pets but made them a little different by attaching the pets to sticks that go up through the bottom of the box with neat backgrounds inside. Kind of like puppets, I guess. 

Jonathan made an ocean scene.

 Phoebe made a deer in the forest.

 Harrison's is an underground squirrel.

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