Sunday, December 20, 2015

Star Wars Week. It's a Thing.

So we have some Star Wars fans in our household. 

I saw my first Star Wars movie in the theatre with my parents and siblings when I was 17 or 18. "Return of the Jedi" was the only one I had seen until Phillip and I dated, and it was kind of a requirement that I watch them before our relationship could proceed. (JK. It wasn't that bad. But he was definitely holding his nerdiness back until we were married.)

The new movie has been much anticipated this past year. They watched the originals leading up to release of "The Force Awakens." And then we took Friday off of school to go see the movie that morning. (Thank you to Uncle Cory for the Christmas movie gift card!)

We all highly enjoyed it. It was kind of overwhelming to watch it on the big screen. There's a lot to take in. The new characters were so much fun. The old characters were familiar and comfortable. It was classic Star Wars. A good story, good action, great dialogue. J.J. Abrams did not disappoint. 

We've been taking walks at night to get some exercise and found some trees in our neighborhood for the kids to climb. Bunch of monkeys.

Phoebe has been creating doll outfits for her rag doll. She's spent quite a bit of her money on sewing notions and material lately. I need to get her on the sewing machine soon.

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