Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Sister Comes to Visit

Tonya and Joshua came to visit us for a weekend. We had seen Tonya and Jordan last year in Louisiana at Momo's funeral, but most of my kids had not yet met Joshua. It means a lot that she took the time and money to come spend some time with us.

Upon arrival she had lots of Valentine treats to give to all the kids. 

Saturday morning games and cartoons.

Celebrating Tonya's birthday with pork chops, mashed potatoes, corn and 
pineapple-upside-down cupcakes.

Of course, the Alamo! It was a little drizzly but still fun.

The kids all played fine together, but Phoebe and Joshua especially got along well. Asleep on the bedroom floor when there was at least one bed available.Very sweet.

And Sunday we watched the Seahawks play in the Super Bowl. They didn't win, unfortunately for my sister's sake (and it was her birthday too!), but I had a good time visiting. That's what matters, right? :-) We had some good talks in between the activities. 
It really is a special relationship to have ~ sister to sister. And cousin to cousin. I always love my kids to spend time with their cousins. Glad you came, sis!

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