Friday, October 31, 2014

Cabbage Whites VI

We now have three pupae! 

We lost another little guy last week. Phoebe buried him in the front yard.

They start out a bright green and then darken.

Ours haven't darkened a lot though. 

It could be because their background is clear container on light brown carpet against white wall.

The kids at co-op playing while we wait for olders to finish class.

All three chrysalides are securely fastened and performing metamorphosis. Truly securely fastened. I won't say how many times little hands dropped them on this day. Or tell you that two of them became insecurely unfastened and had to be taped back on and we really, really hope they survive the trauma. 

This is why we can't have pets, ya'll. 

Heating up a nail to poke a hole in a film canister to make....

..... a food container for the adult butterflies. 
That's a solution of sugar, water, honey and yellow food coloring.

More radish seeds planted for the butterflies to lay eggs on. We're living on hope. And a little bit of prayer. Surely we'll have a male and female out of the three survivors.

The net home is ready.

Microscope picture of an exoskeleton that was shed for the last time.

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