Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cabbage White Butterflies II

A few weeks ago, we made butterfly houses for the Cabbage White butterfly eggs that will be arriving soon. This past week we made bottle growing systems and planted our Brassica nursery.

Here's where we hang out while Elizabeth is in science class at HAAC Day (Homeschool Arts and Academics Class). Little Emily was happily buried in gravel by Harrison and Phoebe.

 After HAAC is over, we come to our house for our own Trav/Gore co-op. 

These are Brassica nurseries planted last week to make sure it would really work. I would hate to get butterfly eggs in the mail and their food not be ready for them. 

 The kids also planted their own nursery. We used radish seeds. Radish is a fast growing Brassica. Once the eggs hatch, the little larvae will eat up the leaves of the radish plant. Then we'll transfer them to a Brussel Sprout Barn. 

Broccoli and Radish ~ two types of Brassicas. Kale, turnips, cabbage, brussel sprouts.... basically anything that has that bitter taste to it..... is a Brassica. 

 Making a bottle growing system with a wick which will water the plant by capillary action. 

And in case I haven't used the term enough in this post...... Brassica, Brassica, Brassica.

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