Friday, October 17, 2014

Cabbage Whites IV

We've been watching these cuties grow. They start out very tiny, blending into their leafy food. They've been hatched about a week and some are over 1 cm now.

Phoebe got a picture of the PDF instructions we're using from our iPad.

Poking holes in the Brussel Sprout Barns.

 Filling film canisters with sand to weigh them down so they can hold 
brussel sprouts that are stuck on furniture tacks.

 We looked at a radish leaf and frass (caterpillar waste) through a microscope.

 Here's the centimeter-long larvae.

They should pupate in here.

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Mom-Elayne-Mimi said...

Wow! Some project. The kids seem very involved, which is great. Love knowing what you all do.