Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Many Faces of Elizabeth

My computer just received all the digital photos that we own, so I'm going to be posting old pictures of the kids for a while, just because I can. 

Lanaya Elizabeth Gore was born in December 2001. I thought maybe we'd have snow that day, but instead it was warm and rainy.  

She always did love books. I read to her quite a bit. When she got a little older, she loved to tear them apart mostly. She was always getting into things and making messes. She quit naps at 18 months because she wouldn't sleep ~ just make a mess in her room.

I loved curling her hair. 

She's the leader of the whole bunch; a responsible big sister.

Her first day of official school. She put her old Cubbies vest on Jonathan for his school uniform. He and Phoebe just played while we worked.

First year of camp, I believe. She adores camp.

It's so nice to have older children who can help with a baby.

One of our summer visits to Missouri and stopping in on Grandpa Harry and Grandma Phoebe.

Time with seasonal friends at the Caverns. 

Local friends at a mission in San Antonio.

And organic friends (just kidding) in our front yard.

Twelve years old now. In 6 years she'll be legally on her own. Hard to imagine. 

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Mom-Elayne-Mimi said...

Loved seeing these pictures! Time flies!