Saturday, March 29, 2014

Harrison ~ The Most Beloved

The youngest child. Pretty much beloved by all (except when he ruins a Lego creation and whatnot).

 His was a hospital birth because of small complications. I expected him to be large with a quick labor since each baby had gotten a pound bigger than the last and each labor had happened quicker than the last. But he was Jonathan's size (7 pounds something ounces) and labor was about as long as Elizabeth's. 

The kids would do baby entertainment time with him where they played with his toys and bugged him but truly did keep him entertained. 

Some ladies had the neatest baby shower for him where they bought white bibs and onesies and then decorated them with puff paints. They hung them up to dry on string with clothespins. It made a picturesque scene for us to snack and talk by. 

He did not like the beach for a good while.

He's a sweetie, tenderhearted. Thinks he's in charge at times and has a hard time surrendering his will to authority. Plays very well on his own, especially while we do school. He plays with his toys in an imaginative way that the other kids didn't. He seems to grasp academics easily and is picking up numbers and letters on his own. He doesn't like being around strange crowds if he's expected to interact with them. A great observer though. He needs lots of time at home after being away from home ~ a definite homebody. He never has liked to try new foods and there aren't a ton of things he will eat. But he's growing. As a baby, music and the outdoors calmed him. 

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