Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jonathan Grows Up

Jonathan Ashford Gore was born around 6 in the morning in the local hospital. I had such plans for holding out on an epidural...... but I didn't. Oh well. It was only 6 hours of labor, so that's not bad at all. 

Jonathan is a schedule keeper. He followed his big sister around doing whatever she did. He was pretty compliant and easy-going. He has a temper sometimes when he gets frustrated, but he's kind-hearted.

I love this picture of them on the car. They look like barefoot country kids. 

He likes to take care of people. He acknowledges that he has a lot of fears. He is methodical and analytical and left-handed. And extremely goofy sometimes. Love that.

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Mom-Elayne-Mimi said...

Loved seeing these pictures of Jonathan Ashford growing!! He is a special boy!