Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Backyard to Learn to Love

An Elizabeth-photoshopped special

Elizabeth has become a pro at catching butterflies. We have the perfect fenced-in backyard into which she can coax Harrison to chase butterflies. I call our backyard a habitat because it doesn't grow real grass. It has lots of hard dirt, tumbleweed, and many beautiful wildflowers. There's a dip in the yard toward the back fence which makes it look like a river could run through. We've had lots of rain since our move, but I've not yet seen a river. But the yard looks to me like it would be a great adventure to explore as a child. You could go on any number of complex adventures involving getting lost or seeking a treasure or escaping the law. I love to use our backyard for nature study too. We've done night nature study, wildflower drawing, and searching for what seeds the birds were eating back there. I've heard spring is beautiful here in San Antonio ~ I can't wait to see what treasures lie beneath the current winter bleakness of our backyard habitat.

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