Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Wedding

Phillip received a cryptic text message from his brother a few months ago. It read, "How much do you charge to do weddings?" And so there was a sweet wedding this past weekend at our church. It was simple with the groom's parents and bride's sister and husband (and us with our four littles) attending. There were lovely flowers and lots of pictures and a shiny dinner at Perry's Steakhouse afterward.

Kristy had us try out cupcakes a few months before the wedding so we could find the right bakery. Third time was a charm. Delicious moist chocolate cupcakes with ganache filling and almond cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.

Elizabeth and sweet, fun Aunt Kristy.

Phillip officiated.

The kids got nice new clothes for the wedding (to be worn at Easter also). I'm not sure if Harrison's pants will make it though. He crawled around the church and then the restaurant and they are not so nice and new anymore.

Phillip got a picture of his steak. Delicious fancy food at Perry's. I ordered Turtle Soup and everyone seemed shocked! It was spicy and bisquey and I loved it. Elizabeth tried fried shrimp and decided it wasn't her thing. She joins her father and Mimi (and probably many other family members) in this decision against seafood. So far I stand alone. Maybe I can get the other three on my side.

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