Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas with Family

How much fun to be with Mimi and Papa for Christmas this year! We traveled down to where they stay for the winter and spent several days with them. It was warm enough two of the days for the kids to swim. I didn't get pictures of Elizabeth on Christmas day, but she was sporting her new mermaid tail and fin.

We visited a church for Christmas Eve service. I rarely dress the kids up these days, so it was fun to have them wear nice clothes and do their hair and sit together as a family for the service.

The kids exchanged the gifts they got for each other when we got home from the Christmas Eve service. Elizabeth made Harrison a blanket, designed a tee shirt for Phoebe and used her coupon to purchase it, and got Jonathan a little Lego set. All three of the youngers pitched in to buy Elizabeth a doll she'd been wanting.

The boys busy with Legos and spaceships.

Mimi giving tips about acrylic painting.

Phoebe digging out jewels. 

And Phillip gave me a date to the movies to see Les Miserables. If you know Phillip, you know this was a precious gift indeed (musicals aren't his thing). It wouldn't have been as good to see this movie at home, and I don't really go to the movies by myself. I thought he might get up several times to leave, but he stuck with me all the way through! I very much enjoyed it. 

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