Saturday, June 30, 2012

Missouri: Traveling, Playing, Traveling

We camped out on the way up to Missouri. It was a little hot, especially for the one setting up the tent. The rest of us got to swim.

The kids Loved the big black top they could play on at Mimi and Papa's house. Harrison loved the car that the others drove him around in. All the kids play so well with him. He may be just a tad spoiled.

I don't have any pictures from Sunday, but Phillip got to preach at his home church that morning. More family came over after lunch, and we sat around and visited (love talking to Sarah and Aunt Anita and Christy!). I left for Hannibal to meet up with one of my college roommates. She has a family and I have a family ~ we both homeschool ~ there's always plenty to talk about with not enough time!

We all have wonderful memories of traveling to Missouri. The connection and the family ~ it runs deep.

There are three more posts from our trip ~ many, many pictures!

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