Saturday, June 30, 2012

Missouri: Gore Family Reunion

The purpose of our trip to Missouri at this time was for Uncle Lee's Bucket List Reunion. The kids got to spend time with most of their cousins on Phillip's side. Alicia, Galen's daughter, is holding Harrison in one picture. I'm not sure I caught Zane in a picture, but he kindly played with his younger cousins and won Jonathan over with his teasing. Uncle John only made half our kids cry. :-) You'll see Harrison sitting next to a little boy just a few months older than he. This is Collin Ashford, Phillip's cousin's son. Phillip and his cousin grew up not far from each other and are close to the same age. Harrison got a little grumpy toward the end of the day, so you won't see a smile in the chair next to Collin. He did love sitting on Uncle Lee's tractor, however.

I enjoy the food and conversation at family reunions. It was neat to visit with some of the family I don't often get to see or know much about.

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