Sunday, June 10, 2012

Celebrating Harrison's 2

It's so fun to watch little ones celebrate. They know there is something exciting going on even if they don't know what it's about. So they jump and dance and shout just because everyone else is. Innocence and celebration. So much fun.

Harrison enjoyed his 2 year old birthday celebration. He was a little scared of the candles, and he wouldn't taste the cake till I shoved a little piece in his mouth (he's so weird ~ he won't try new foods even if it's cake!). He didn't get much of a chance to open his gifts because of his older siblings' heavy involvement (notice Elizabeth staying out of the fray). But he loved the gifts anyway. Cars, cars, and a movie about Cars. And then a little movie time watching Cars. And the constant use of a favorite word ........... "car".

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