Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Visit from Friends

Phillip's good friend from college came to visit with his children for a few days. I must say, my children behaved better with them around than they do on their own! They seriously put themselves to bed before I could make it upstairs to see to it. That could be because they were so worn out. Anyway, it was a very good visit; I'm so glad our kids can see each other every once in a while and build a friendship.

In other news, I again have almost no pictures for this post. Excuses, excuses, the kids confiscated the camera, more excuses..... We had a lot of fun though. There was a little walk to look at the beach, a ferry ride, a trip to an old plantation, a long wait at Longhorn Steakhouse (but it was worth it for that steak! please show me how to cook like that!), a little bit of Dutch Blitz with the kids, movies, I sent the guys out to do some manly changing of the oil and putting new windshield wipers on the van, and other various and sundry doings. Cody totally spoiled Harrison. Now the baby wants to be held at any and every opportunity. His fake cry is hilarious.

Here is one picture of the kids eating supper after belting out "Amarillo by Morning".

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