Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random Pictures

Phoebe finally lost her two front teeth Saturday night. They were both crooked and awkward, so I was glad to pull those things out. She was looking a little like Nannie Mcfee.

Jonathan and Harrison are watching The Piano Guys. The kids want to learn how to play cello now.

Logan got Jonathan hooked on Angry Birds while he was here a week ago. So Jon used some of his Christmas money to buy two of them from Walmart. They're kind of fun to play with.

Elizabeth doing one of her favorite past times while Harrison bugs her.

Jonathan couldn't wait to get his antlers in the mail from Aupa. They're hanging on his bedroom wall now. I thought it would scare the boys for them to wake up to deer antlers on the wall, but they seem to handle it fine.

Another fine face painting job by Elizabeth.

And again we see Liz' creativity with this new hairstyle on Phoebe.

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