Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Whom There is No Guile

I love the honesty and innocence of children. From the middle two recently:

We were teasing Jonathan about who he was going to marry one day. We named several girls, saying, "Why don't you marry them? They're a good friend." He came back with, "I don't even know what they'll look like when they grow up!" We did not teach him that.

Phoebe seems the most oblivious concerning appropriate boundaries in speaking. At a restaurant she loudly proclaimed how fat a guy was. We all quickly told her, "That's not nice, you can't say things like that about people, they wouldn't like it, they would find it mean, etc." She continues, "Well, can I say, 'You ate a lot of food.'?" "No, that's not appropriate either." Later Jonathan mentioned about a new party seated close to us: "That's a lot of people!". Phoebe immediately started in, "You can't say that, Jon! That's mean! You can't say that about people!" Okay, so she just doesn't get it. Soon after I hear from her, "Those people are old!"
She's technically not wrong about her observations.

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