Friday, January 9, 2009


No new pictures to post.

Scratch that, I just found new pictures. I'll download them and get them posted next. So I'll just ramble a little right now since I'm bored. Phillip is away. He's going to pick up a missionary from the airport and won't be back home till late tonight. So he's not gone for a long while, but I'm still bored.

Phoebe has been calling Jonathan "Diego" ever since she's gotten into Dora. I don't think she even calls him "Jonathan" anymore. He doesn't mind. He comes running. :-) He does a good job taking care of Phoebe. They often play together while Liz and I do school or Liz is outside playing. Phoebe's been a handful. The other day she was sitting on the floor coloring on paper with an ink pen. I was doing laundry and watching her. The next thing I knew, there was a puddle of potty under her, and she stood up and kind of looked at it like, "What just happened here?". So I carried her arms-length away from my body and put her in the tub. I cleaned up the puddle and went to wash her off. It turned out that she still had the ink pen in her hand and was happily drawing little circles and lines on the tub. So I cleaned her up and then had to clean the tub with a Magic Eraser. Then I finally got back to the laundry. Like Phillip said, "Phoebe seems to be more two than the other two were when they were two."

Jonathan (or Diego) is wanting to do everything Elizabeth can do. He wanted to write the words "Thank You" because Elizabeth was writing those words in a letter. He wrote a wonderful T and H, but then he couldn't do an A. He got very upset and threw a fit. I think he's going to be a perfectionist. If he can't do it, he wants me to do it. He's embarrassed by kisses and will wipe them off. He drinks and eats a ton already. I'm glad though. I like to see my kids eat. Especially since Elizabeth doesn't eat hardly anything. Except pizza; she loves that.

Elizabeth is growing up. She's reading so much more than she used to. A month or two ago, she read the first chapter of Genesis from my Bible for her dad. She has a hard time getting to sleep at night. It's 9:46 pm, and she just got up to tell me the night light is bothering her. But she loves to sleep in. I have to almost drag her out of bed at 8:00 in the morning so we can have breakfast and start school. You would think she'd be tired at night, but that's not how she works.

Well, I guess I'll get these pictures downloaded and then uploaded and then posted.

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