Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Phillip's Birthday

The kids helped me make his favorite birthday cake: Boston Cream Pie. Crazy messy, but good for them.

Friends from Fleming Island side came over, and it was so much fun!

We do not have a coffee maker (used to in Iowa, but got rid of it because we used it maybe once a year, and I didn't like the way my coffee tasted), so Phillip picked up a container of coffee from Starbucks. It was really good, and I'm still drinking what's left in the mornings. Caffeine is my new morning friend!

For Phillip's birthday, I got a shirt that he bought for me; he received Starbucks gift card and iTunes gift certificate; and I got Pampered Chef stuff! (a joke from one of his sermons) I enjoyed his birthday very much.

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Catching up with the Clouse's said...

Love coffee.......get a coffee maker girl! Love ya!