Friday, January 9, 2009

The Girls

Elizabeth went to the dentist this past week. I was worried about how her new teeth were coming in. They looked like the overlapped her old teeth and I was afraid her mouth wouldn't have enough room for all her new teeth. Well, she did wonderfully at the dentist, and he said not to worry. Her mouth just needs to grow. She may need a spacer when she's 9 or 10 and she may need braces, but he wasn't for certain. (At least I like to think he wasn't certain.) It was probably from her taking a pacifier as a baby. That made me pull Phoebe off the pacifier when we got home. She's doing well with that; she's not drooling as much as she used to.

Elizabeth was going to make the kids' supper one night. But it took her so long to make Jonathan's peanut butter and jelly sandwich, that she told Phoebe she could make her own sandwich. And Phoebe happily obliged! It ended up being torn bread rolled up with a little bit of peanut butter on it. But I think she ate it.

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