Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some odd pictures from the past weeks...

Jonathan hurt is toe (the skin peeled back from the tip of his big toe; pretty gross over all!). So Mom did some handy doctoring which ended up looking like his whole foot was wounded. Oh well.

Phoebe looking cute in my apron. Look at that attitude! She can ham it up when she wants to. She's been having a lot of attitude with the move. She's also not taking her naps, so that doesn't help her temper. (And I do mean Temper!)

We had some people over right before we moved, so here is Phoebe again looking cute on Mrs. Elaine's lap. She has on Elizabeth's halloween costume (Cinderella) and she just looked beautiful in it.

The kids had all their umbrellas out during a shower, so I thought I'd take a picture of them. But they jumped right in there (anytime there's a camera, they're there). So kids and umbrellas mixed.

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