Monday, August 18, 2008

Jonathan joins a gym

Phillip thought Jonathan needed some time doing boy stuff and being loud and wild since he was home with emotional yet calm girls all day. So we are letting him take a sports development class at The Little Gym. Today was his first day.

Observations: He loves to follow the rules. He stayed close to his teacher and tried to do exactly what she said. He is showing strong tendencies to being left-handed (which would come from my Dad, I suppose). He ran around and was wild and learned something and I'm glad he gets to do this!


Emily said...

What a fun place. I've never seen anything like it, but we're pretty sheltered up here in rural MO!

Anonymous said...

e Gym (and miss it too!) I just love thier philosophy and attitude towards children and development. It is so respectful and all based on research. It's expensive but I never regretted one penny I spent there. Tell Michelle and Paul we said hi.