Friday, August 8, 2008

Eight year Anniversary

So we've been married 8 years tomorrow! Phillip and I are in a hotel watching Fox News on very wide-screen TV. We sat at a coffee shop this afternoon: Phillip had an iced mocha as always, and I tried something new: a mango smoothie with whipped cream on top and raspberry cream swirled in.

This evening we dressed up and went to Churchill's for supper. This is the restaurant we went to the night he asked me to marry him. This restaurant is so cool! The same head waiter is still there that was there 8 years ago. He has a snobbish accent and is dressed in a black-tie affair. He scoots the table over so that we can sit down, and then places the cloth napkins on our laps. We eat by candlelight: crusty bread with honey butter; house salad (which is now a dish I fix at home) with sugared walnuts, dried apricots, brie cheese, field greens, and tangerine dressing; intermezzo (to cleanse the palette); and a light cream based soup with shrimp and blue crab. It was delicious! And it makes me feel so sophisticated.

After supper went to find chocolate cake at another coffee shop we used to haunt when we lived around here. A soak in a hot tub under the stars. It's fun to relax with each other and no kids! Thank you, Mimi and Papa for keeping them.

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ZudaGay said...

8 Years!!! Happy Anniversary, Lanaya and Phillip!!! May the Lord bless you with many, many more!!