Sunday, May 7, 2017

Spring (Summer?) Has Arrived!

It seriously can't decide if it's spring or summer around here! We'll have a really hot and humid day and then a strong wind will come up and bring in jacket weather for a day or two. I personally love the cool weather, especially when I know non-stop hot will soon be here to stay. 

We've got three weeks left of school, and I'm eager for the freedom of summer to get here. Or rather, the change of occupation to get here. There are a number of places to visit and town things to explore along with Spring Cleaning and camps.... So there will be plenty to keep us busy this summer. But it will be a different change of pace. 

The kids got a kite for Easter. We took it down the road to a huge empty lot behind the Catholic Church. It's a great place to catch some wind.

Purple Martin box. 
I'm enjoying these pretty little swallows on evening walks. Birds are so active in the evenings. 

We took a quick visit to an old quarry to look at the layers that were left behind for our special nature study on soil. 

A little visit to see Dad at the coffee shop. 

Phoebe and Harrison went with me to return something at Target, and I let them share a drink from Starbucks.

Elizabeth and I did a Mystery 5K for part of her PE credit. We are neither of us especially good 5Ker's, but we made it out alright. 

Our local pool opened for the first time yesterday! The water was so cold! But it was gorgeous.

Liz celebrated Cream & Sugar Bakery's One Year Birthday. Good job, Liz!

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