Friday, February 10, 2017

San Antonio Museum and Stock Show

I thought this Japanese vase was so exquisite!

We've been working our way through the museums that San Antonio offers. I think we started a year ago and we finally got to the third one this week. We try to go on the free days, so that's one reason it's taken a while. Tuesday evenings just don't lend themselves to "museum." But we made it, and the kids Loved it! They made sure we got to all of it even though we adults were a little tired.

There was a lot of this kind of interaction.

Roman mosaic.

Liz credits.

Liz credits.

And then someone sent out free passes for opening day at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. What is homeschooling for if not to scrap an afternoon of books and head to the barn?

Lady working on a sand sculpture.

I think Harrison enjoyed this the most: uncovering dinosaur bones. I thought all the little kids in cowboy hats and boots were cute.

There were a Ton of animals in the petting zoo. 
Sheep, goats, pigs, fawns, donkey, chickens, llama, alpaca.....

Don't get too near this one.

Elizabeth is entering this cake in the Baked Goods contest at the rodeo tomorrow. This is a first for her ~ a competition. Reminds me of my days in 4-H. 

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