Sunday, February 5, 2017

5th Raft, 1st Draft

Elizabeth made her 5th raft ~ 
this time out of large grape juice bottles (the kind communion prep people at church saved them for us every week for 20 or so weeks). We took it to Cibolo Creek before it cooled off around here. We've been having foggy, drizzly Seattle weather this past weekend.

Someone in the neighborhood was getting rid of Christmas paper, so several kids got wrapped.

This is a beautiful Liz picture. 
She captured this just a step or two from home. Hard to believe that we have that beauty at our fingertips.

And the Kirby family invited Elizabeth to teach a group how to decorate Valentine cookies. She made some money and had fun. You go, girl! And thank you, Kirbys!

We braved the Rolling Oaks Mall today. Since the shooting, I had only gone back once to see about my purse. But it was a rainy day and the kids were wanting to get out of the house, so we went to their play area. There was more security around. I figure this might be one of the safest times to be there because of everyone being on high alert. This guy above was sitting near JC Penney playing the ukulele. You can't beat that.

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