Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Flying Turtle

 This is the third or fourth year Elizabeth has tried her hand at making a raft. This one was the best yet! The Flying Turtle had its debut voyage at Cibolo Creek Nature Center last Saturday.

It was made of water bottles again, but this time they were glued down onto cardboard so that they stood upright. Then she wrapped the sides in duct tape, took off the cardboard and wrapped duct tape around the whole thing leaving some gaps for water to escape from.

Elizabeth has always lamented the fact that she didn't have a paddle. She's been using an old mop handle instead. But we found paddles at Walmart for $10, so we bought one and will try it out next time it's warm outside.

The previous raft journeys are here and here.

This was an April Fool's joke Elizabeth played on Phoebe. She covered Jonathan's door with post-it notes too, but he woke up before she could cover it in plastic.

Phoebe being Phoebe.

And Harrison is showing some signs of perfectionism. He discovered the ruler and he practically won't draw without it now. He wants his drawing to be "perfect" (I swear I didn't teach him this). 

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