Sunday, April 12, 2015

Phoebe is 9

This year the kids get a friend/activity birthday. I'm working on getting it down to where we have fewer large birthday parties. I really don't enjoy giving them and some of our kids really would want a large party every year. So we've slowly set up some rules to cut down on those. Last year the kids had family parties. This year they can invite one friend and do a fun activity. Next year I'll brave a house full of crazies.

Elizabeth found this idea. She covered a cake in white fondant, 
and Sophie and Phoebe decorated it using edible markers.

She wanted fruit salad and stromboli for her birthday meal.

The chosen activity was painting pottery at Clay Casa. Phoebe chose a hanging lantern and Sophie chose a cupcake dish. Thank you, Sophie, for celebrating with us!

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