Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quick Trip to Louisiana

Momo is in the hospital and was not doing well, so my mom and dad made an unexpected trip down south so Mom can stay with her for a while. The kids and I drove over to see my parents and Momo for a couple days and stayed at a friend's house for the duration. Lots of fun despite the reason for the trip. It was good to see Momo.

Lots of people stopped to take a picture of this dog on a motorcycle outside of Houston. Houston traffic didn't bother me as much this time even though there was a wreck in front of us and a semi lost a tire beside us. San Antonio must be training me for crazy driving.

Elizabeth made quick plans to meet with a camp friend in Beaumont for lunch. She's a preacher's daughter too.

My first time trying them. I'll stick with the boudin' balls (which was also a first).

Meeting up with Aupa and Nana in the Walmart parking lot.

Nana is standing in front of the picture of this place from when she was a girl. I'm in front of what the place looked like when I was a girl (an ice cream shop). And Elizabeth is in front of the picture of the place now (a diner). 

Finally made it over to Teressa's house to stay the night. 

The next day we spent at Jennings Park. 

The kids totally caught a fish with their bare hands. I'm glad Teressa's kids can teach mine how a country boy can survive.

While the boys were catching the meal, the girls made a shelter.

And we always have to hold an alligator when we're at this park.

Teressa and her kids' first time at an airport. 

Aupa is catching a plane to fly back home.

Breakfast at Ruddock's bakery. My mom would sometimes take us here for donuts when we were kids. 

Bathroom stop at the courthouse. Teressa's boy made sure to leave his knife in the car. Love it. 

Harrison always loves the tractors. There were some neat displays at the county office.

And after another picnic at a park, we say our goodbyes to friends and Nana.

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