Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kids at Camp

The three oldest kids went to camp this year. They have always been and continue to be super excited about the camp experience. They are eager to be among kids their age and to have a little supervised independence. 

The church camp they went to had a nice park area which we enjoyed each time we were there.

 Elizabeth's was the first week. She's considered junior high! Aaaagghh! A church from Beaumont "adopted" her for the week.

We found a little diner not far from the camp grounds. We ate supper there a couple times on our way home. Phoebe and I planned to stop and get a piece of pie on our way back from camp, but I was just too tired. It was kind of a neat small town experience though.

 Here's Jonathan being dropped off for his week of camp. He hung out with a church from Austin-way.  He confessed to me, "Mom, I didn't really think about you guys. I just thought about what we had to do next." He's my schedule guy ~ right after my own heart.

 The drive was the best part of all of it, in my opinion. It was 2 1/2 hours, and once you got off of the interstate, you were country all the way. 

 We stopped here a couple times for snacks. It's a neat little meat market and old country store. 

 I love this porch.

 And here is Phoebe's overnight camp. An adult had to go with her, so I stayed and we had another family from church who came with us also.

Putt putt golf.

Friend from church.

 Phoebe loves to color.

 S'mores in 105 degree heat. Well, by this time in the evening it was probably down to 90 degrees. Much, much cooler.

 Tether ball. I'm not sure they ever figured it out.

Bed time.

It was a very successful, enjoyable year of camp. The kids are so independent, and I'm proud of them for stepping out and making friends and enjoying themselves.

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Jennifer said...

You guys look like you're all doing great! I'm so happy for you!