Sunday, March 3, 2013

Visiting Momo

Even though this trip to Louisiana was about visiting Momo, I have no pictures of her with the kids like I intended to acquire. There are some on the physical camera instead of on the memory card. But I don't know how to get them from the camera onto the computer. So next time I will definitely get pictures of Momo and the kids together. On the memory card. Which means Harrison cannot handle the camera which apparently entails taking out the memory card without my knowledge and hiding it in his carseat.

Wednesday night we enjoyed church with friends at Forest Park Church of Christ. I have so many good memories of church with these folks. Well, some of these folks. There are many, many new people milling about which makes me happy.

We spent a bit of time at the nursing home with Momo. The kids expectedly got antsy, so I let them run around outside for a little while. 

Let's see, what did we do while visiting Momo ....... The kids colored pictures for her and taped them to her door; I read from a couple books I had with me; we shared a few gifts with her; listened to some Hank Williams; sang a little; prayed; visited; saw two of my aunts and had some good chats with them; the kids played on the iPad and watched a movie Phillip had downloaded for them; I met some other residents ~ one lady is 103 (Mrs. Nedia) and another lady was Indian (Mrs. Arlone), one lady's family all came at once to visit her and were talking about gravestones in the hallway, a gentleman kept wanting me to take him back to his room or something. It was a full time. I'm so glad we live closer now so we can make some quick trips like this.

We stayed at Teressa's house for the night. She was sure a trooper to have all of us there! Harrison woke up in the middle of the night crying and I could not get him to be quiet. Teressa has two kids Elizabeth and Jonathan's age, so it's fun to have them get together and play. 

Driving into the sunset on the way home. Can I just insert a quick blurb about how much I hate Houston traffic? The rest of the drive is really good comparatively. Especially when you have a beautiful sky to enjoy.

More running around outside at the nursing home: daisy chains, diaper changes, and discovering new kinds of moss and mud.

*In case you don't know (Mom:-), if you click on the pictures, they'll show up larger.*

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