Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stock Show and Rodeo

The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is a big deal around here. Phillip and I got to see the rodeo with some friends, and then the kids and I got to see the stock show/fair with that same friend and her kids. My kids would hold their noses when we walked into a barn full of animals. (shaking my head) I need to get them around animals more. How can you not appreciate that earthy smell?

We did not do much 'fairing.' Jonathan paid to ride a pony, and we all rode on the merry-go-round which was squeaky and jerky and a little scary. And the ride didn't last more than a minute. If we'd ridden it in the evening, it would have cost us $20. It was not worth $20. I'm glad we only paid $5.

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