Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Alamo with Nana and Aupa

We had fun showing Nana and Aupa around the Alamo a couple weeks ago. We even caught a little bit of a presentation from a tour guide. After the Alamo we took a stroll down the River Walk and came up to the main roads on an unfamiliar street. We start walking without thinking about where we are and soon find we cannot remember where we parked the van. We walk for an hour and a half. It's dark, but there are plenty of people milling about and plenty of street light. And finally, we try a new direction and find familiar streets and our van. Which had not been towed or booted like I was sure it would be (since there were so many warning signs about it in the parking lot!).

"Remember the Alamo," says Elizabeth as we drive home.

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